Committee and Procedures


Director - Jennifer Davies ( - 616-291-8303)

Co-Op Board - Cassie Brickey, Melinda Greene, Carrie Cullen, and Melissa Repko.

Arrival Procedures

Arrival: Please arrive in plenty of time to get your children to their classrooms and to get yourself to your assigned classroom or area. If your children attend optional P.E., please arrive and be ready by 9:00 a.m.  Late arrivals distract/delay P.E. instruction time. We want all the children to be able to enjoy the full time of learning and play!

 Absences and Tardies

Joining Co-Op indicates that you will be attending weekly and fulfilling your responsibilities. By joining, you are committing to attend Co-Op with your child(ren) each Tuesday for the entire school year. 

If you know more than 7 days in advance that you will be absent, please notify the director and your co-teachers for the expected absence. A planning calendar is available to schedule advance absences.

If an absence is unscheduled (less than 7 days in advance), you will need to call the director and your co-teacher so appropriate coverage for your class/responsibilities can be arranged. If you are the primary teacher for that day's lessons, it is your responsibility to get the lesson plan and/or materials to your co-teacher. 

Everyone runs late or has a tough morning from time to time but continual lateness will be addressed by the committee. If you are teaching and you are running late, pleaselet your co-teacher know asap.