Co-Op Guidelines 2023-2024

Dress Code 
GIRLS in middle school and up: No short shorts or spaghetti strap shirts. There should not be a gap between shirt and pants at the waist. No underwear is to be showing at any time. No hats or caps are to be worn in the building.

 BOYS in middle school and up: Knee length shorts are acceptable. No sagging pants. No underwear is to be showing at any time. No hats or caps are to be worn in the building.

Cell Phones -
Students should not have cell phones or other electronic devices out in class for any reason. These will be collected until class is over if this is a problem. Teachers, please do not use cell phones during class except in an emergency.

Discipline/Academic Progress 
We expect students to respectfully do what is asked of them by their teachers. If this becomes a problem please see committee for specific guidelines. We reserve the right to dismiss a child from Co-Op if behavior problems persist. We do not allow bullying, name calling or any other demeaning behavior. This includes internet and phone bullying. If a problem becomes known we will expect the parent to deal with it. If it is not resolved, we will address it and the student and possibly the family may be dismissed from Co-Op. 

Please do not bring sick children. Children should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to Co-Op. Please contact Jennifer, the appropriate coordinator and co-teachers ASAP if you or your children are sick on Co-Op day.

Church Property and Parking Lot Etiquette 
The church is to be treated with respect. There should be no running in the church. Also, we want to leave every room at least as clean as when we arrived. It is everyone’s job to make sure this happens.

Drivers, please remember to watch for children. Moms, please remind your children to be careful. Children should not be in the parking lot without a parent. Do not park in Handicapped spaces.

Copies and purchases 
Leave original copies in the folder in the lobby to be copied for the following weeks. They must be left at least one week in advance.  Funding is not provided for copies made on your own. There is funding available to help with small purchases for your classroom needs but these purchases need to be pre-approved by the committee.

Weather Related Changes –
Check the Band App for closing of Co-Op due to weather. Please check at the last minute if the weather is questionable. We DO NOT follow the snow schedule of any school system. If we are on a snow schedule there will be no PE and all classes will begin at 10 and end at noon.  The third hour high school class will be on a regular schedule.

Communications –
We use the Band App. Please look there for weather related closings, class information, and general Co-Op info. Once again, please feel free to contact a committee member with a concern. Communication is key to a well-run Co-Op.

Absences and Tardies –
You are expected to be at Co-Op each week. If you know more than 7 days in advance that you will be absent, you will need to sign the schedule calendar for the expected absence. The calendar will be available each week at the sign in table. If an absence is unscheduled (less than 7 days notice) you will need to call Jennifer and your co-teachers so that emergency coverage for your class can be provided. If you are the primary teacher for that day’s lesson it is your responsibility to get the lesson plan and/or materials to your co-teacher. There is no excuse for just not showing up or for being tardy continually. If you are continually tardy this will be addressed and if it continues you will be asked to withdraw from Co-Op. Please share cell phone numbers so that in an emergency you can get in touch.

 Updated 03/29/2023