Session 3 - Jan 12 - Feb 23

 PE - grade K-2 - Kacey Moehn, Leslie Roller; grade 3-6 - Kathleen Parker, Leslee Dunkerson                                                  Things to bring/notes in green

Preschool - Kindergarten Wing remains in same class both hours

Nursery -        lovingly nurtured     Agnes Rhodes, Beth Sproles, Trina Jones

2 yr olds -      Bible Stories and Related Arts  Ashleigh Taylor, Polly Hensley, Mandy Joseph

3 yr olds -      Bible Stories and Related Arts  Patti Carpenter, Amy Rushing, KaSoundra Fuller

4 yr olds -      Fun with the Alphabet - A Letter a Week  Tiffany Cole, Katrina Hummer, Amy Hines

Kindergarten - Plants -   Angela Henson, Kristie Blessing, Celia Skelton



Elementary Wing  - trade classes after first hour -   2nd class is either Legos or Lit Fun

1st/2nd -         Science           Becky McCord, Patricia Dotson, Wendy Wiswell

                        Lit Fun           Yolanda Moneyhun, Angela Rhoton, Toni Stacy  OR

                        Legos             Nina Ramey, Linda Parks, Terri Smith            

3rd/4th -         Science           Pam Hickman, April Judkins, Melissa Pitts, Stephany Lyons                    

                        Lit Fun           Yolanda Moneyhun, Angela Rhoton, Toni Stacy   OR

                        Legos             Nina Ramey, Linda Parks, Terri Smith               

5th/6th -          Science           Becky Gerber, Tracy Campbell, Venessa Clark

                       Lit Fun             Yolanda Moneyhun, Toni Stacy,  Angie Rhoton    OR

                       Lego Engineering   Nina Ramey, Linda Parks, Terri Smith    

Jr. High & High School Wing -  Same classes all semester 

9:00 classes

7/8 grade           English                       Audra Hartsock,  Michelle Tedder

                                                              TLP 21 Balloons Study - workbook $8.50 reader $5.25


High School      IEW - first year            Melissa Hartman, Michelle Berry                                                


Psychology: Personality Development    Amy Ramey, Debbie Taylor, Ting Steptoe, Claire Shakelford


10:30 classes

7/8 grade           Science Labs                     Lori Sewall, Perry Cleek, Angie Carter


High School       Elegant Essay                   Karen Butterworth, Tracy Hale, Alexandra Heath


                           Biology Lab                       Robyn Dill, Carrie Faust, Laura Lane

12:30 classes

High School       Geometry                         Laura Whitfield - at Laura's house                   


Session 4 - March 1 - April  (off March 22  spring break)

Nursery, 2/3 yr olds, 4 yr olds - same as Session 3

Kindergarten - Plants


1st/2nd -         Science


3rd/4th -          Science


5th/6th -          Science


7th/8th &

High School -  same as Session 3  see above for any info