2017/2018 Class Offerings and Teachers

Nursery through Kindergarten classes stay based in the same class both hours with the same teachers

Nursery - lovingly nurtured

2 year olds - lovingly nurtured

3 year olds - Before Five in a Row

4 year olds - Fun With the Alphabet - A Letter a Week

Kindergarten -   each subject is studied for 7 weeks

                            Children Around the World

                            Families and Communities



Kindergarten through 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in P.E. at 9:00. This is optional.

1st through 6th grades change classes after the first hour. Example: While 1st grade is in Science, 2nd grade is in the other class. Then 2nd grade goes to Science while 1st swaps to the other class. The subjects studied change every 7 weeks. 

1st & 2nd grade - Earth and Sky



                               Human Body

3rd & 4th grade - Intro to Chemistry

                              Atoms & Molecules

                              Magnets & Electricity

                              Light & Sound

1st/3rd & 2nd/4th - other class - switching back and forth each 7 week period

                                                          Music - "Fun"damentals of Music or Fun Composer Studies

5th & 6th grade - Animals




5th & 6th grade - Lego Engineering

                              Logic & Learning Games

                              Lego Engineering

                              Logic & Learning Games

7th through 12th grades change classes after 1 1/2  hours each. High School students may take classes as needed - they do not have to take classes each class time. They may sit in Study Hall when not enrolled in a class.

7th & 8th grade - Life Skills - Possible study of, but not limited to: first aid, cooking and baking, sewing, simple car mechanics, managing finances, ballroom dance, and other topics the students are interested in.- Teachers Pam Hickman,Elle Qahhaar, Lisa Slater 

                             World Cultures & Geography - Fun study of selected countries around the world, getting immersed in their culture through books, games, food, etc.-Teachers Yolanda Moneyhun/Amanda Sims 

High School Classes -

9:00 - 10:30         IEW - Institute for Excellence in Writing - Michelle Berry, Becky Beach

                             Personal Finance - Audra Hartsock, Kristie Blessing

                             Anatomy & Physiology - Lori Sewall

10:35 - 12:00       Physics - Laura Whitfield

                             Latin 1 - Karen Butterworth

                             Literature (geared to 9th & 10th grade) - Kathleen Parker

12:30 - 2:00         British Literature - Rachel Underhill

Descriptions and pre-requisites for high school classes offered next year at KACHEA Co-op: 

IEW Institute for Excellence in Writing -Teacher: Michelle Berry Limit 10 students 
Using IEW your student will learn to write with clear structure and compelling style. Begin with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continue all the way into advanced creative writing. For those in first year IEW as well as those wanting to continue to learn the process and further develop writing skills. Students will have a video lecture during class, be given instruction on structure and skills and have assignments to do at home each week. 
Human Anatomy and Physiology (Advanced Biology)– Teacher : Lori Sewall Limit 15 students Prerequisite- Biology 
This class will use the Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology book. This will be a lecture/ project style class. They will be given assignments to do at home. They will cover all the systems of the body. (Parents will need to see that the students do the chapter on the reproductive system at home.) 
Personal Finance – Teacher: Audra Harsock Limit 15 students 
The class uses Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance. This class highlights the importance of both knowledge and behavior when it comes to managing money. It emphasizes the importance of saving and explains why and how to save. 
It explores the purpose and process of writing a budget and the basics of banking, including balancing and reconciling a checking account. This class will also highlight the importance of avoiding debt as a young adult, and explain how to cash flow a college education. It also identifies the differences among people's values and attitudes as they relate to money. 
THERE WILL BE HOMEWORK and class assignments weekly. 

Physics Lab - Teacher: Laura Whitfield Limit 12 students

Pre-requisites Biology, Chemistry, Alg I, Geometry and completed or taking Alg II. 

This will be a lab using the Apologia Exploring Creation With Physics. The labs will be done in co-op. The student will be assigned chapters to do at home each week. Parents will need the parent book in order to grade the end of chapter questions, tests and quizzes etc. These will be done at home and the student will need to keep up with the book work in order for the labs to make sense. 

Latin – Teacher: Karen Butterworth (no limit within reason) 

Year one of Latin, curriculum to be determined. 
The main parts of the class will include: Learn Latin vocabulary and grammar, Translation work, Study of Latin roots in English vocabulary and grammar; English derivatives 
We will also: Read and discuss The Aeneid, Learn Latin prayers and songs, Learn basic Roman history and culture 
Students will have assignments and memory work to do on their own each week.

English – Teacher: Kathleen Parker Geared for 9th-10th graders

Literature, Fiction Writing, and Novel Analysis. The first semester of this class will focus on literary terms, elements, and story writing techniques. The second semester will allow the students to apply what they have learned to analyze a novel. 


British Literature –Teacher: Rachel Underhill (No limit within reason) (9th-12th graders) 

This class will use classic British literature, including Shakespeare, shorter stories, and maybe a little poetry. It will compare and contrast modern applications and references. No set textbook. Assignments will include reading comprehension and class discussion, practice in writing and composition, and instruction and practice in presentations and public speaking. The main goal of this class will be nurturing a love of literature and fun with the written word. Much effort will go into learning how literature impacts our lives while keeping it from being dry or boring. 9th-12th grades welcome to attend. Assignments will all be identical but grading will be tailored to the current grade level of each student. Additional individual assistance will be available if desired.